Selling Your Home Quick in DelandFL

Selling your home due to legal or economic issues? Need to sell your house fast in Deland, FL? Are you in foreclosure or about to be? Trying to sell an unwanted rental property? Frustrating tenants you want to get rid of? Do you need to relocate quickly and need to sell your home? Did you just inherit an unwanted property? Did you purchase a “fixer-upper”? And now don’t have the time or money to fix it up?

If you feel related to any of the previously mentioned questions Particular Properties can help you make your life easier and get rid of that burden, we are professionals at solving real state problems including the ones that pose any type of financial burden on you. 

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Things to consider

Selling the properties mentioned above can be a major hassle, it involves a lot of time, money getting wasted and stress on the homeowner. Timewise it can take as little from 5 weeks to 24 weeks according to the latest study, you will be waiting on the right buyer or the best offer should I say, and eventually settle for a price that will barely cover your costs and leave you a slight profit; from that profit, you will also need to give your broker a 6% commission just for putting your house in an MLS Listing and showing your home a couple of times; Having people inspect your home constantly, getting calls at random times to show your home or even if you are there you will have strangers in your house taking away time to rest or not letting you take care of other duties. 

Particular Properties to the rescue!

We understand your struggle and we want to help you ease the burden as much as we can, we have come up with an easy 4 step process to purchase your home. If accepted we will give you a cash offer, no banks, no commissions, no hassle in between. 

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