Selling your house has never been easier and faster than our given process. Particular Properties is a real estate investment company located in Orlando, FL. We have come up with the solution to reduce that stressful burden of selling your house, and we created an easy way to sell your house for cash.

Particular Properties cares about your real estate financing problems. We are a family that helps homeowners whether you’re facing a foreclosure, delinquent on property taxes, or any inconvenience presented in the traditional route with a realtor. Our experienced team has helped a lot of clients solve their home sale problems. If you are interested and want to know more information about us, you can always contact us. We provide a free offer without any obligations. To have a better idea of how the process is with Particular Properties, you will need to follow different steps.  These deals are more favorable to vendors since it will give a faster.


Steps To Follow With Particular Properties

  • We will need to know about your property 
  • If it meets all the requirements, we will contact you and set up an appointment
  • We will present you an offer without any commitment 
  • We will give you cash in your hands as soon as the property clears title

This is all the process you will need to follow if you want us to help you with your real estate situation. Our main purpose is to deliver a great experience and provide you with any solution needed. We provide all-cash offers within 24-48hrs. 

How Do We Work With Homeowners?

There is always an inconvenience when selling your home and there is nothing better than find benefits that could help you to avoid it. Most of the people when trying to sell their houses, they reach out to real estate agents in order to avoid all the selling process but instead, they are paying extra money. How do we work with homeowners? After having all the requirements, we will send you a variety of offers that would help you along the way. We take care of all the closing costs. We don’t charge any fees or commissions. Having us will help you to avoid any foreclosure. 

Easy as just submitting your information, we will take care of it.