I Want to Sell My House Fast in Deland, FL

Are you asking yourself “How can I sell my house fast in Deland, FL?”. Selling your home is not an easy task, it is so much you need to have in mind, Particular Properties knows what you are talking about, we know it’s a long hard process but we can help you with that

Things you need to have in mind:

Time: It usually takes an average of 24 weeks to sell a home, you could be able to sell your home in record time but usually it takes more time due to paperwork, waiting for a buyer to come through as well as waiting for the bank to release the funds. Needless to say its not a 2-day thing. 

Commission: When selling your home, usually your realtor would put your home into an MLS Listing and make it visible for anyone looking for a home near you, when the purchase is done your realtor will receive around 6% basically for just placing your home in that list, besides a couple of showings of your home. 

Imprompt repairs or a small investment: When selling a home the first thing you want to do is spruce up your home to show its best face, expecting a higher selling price for your home however most of the times buyers don’t even notice it or the repairs are way too costly to actually see a profit from it. 

Particular Properties is here to save the day!

We already know the obstacles you will face and we know how to make it easier for you, Particular Properties can buy your home for a fair price! We will even give you cash for it. Sounds great right? It’s very easy to get your offer just get in contact with us, tell us about your home, if it meets the criteria we will schedule an appointment and later present you with a fair written no-obligation offer when accepted we close at a title company and cash in your hands as soon as it clears.