Sell My Foreclosed House Fast in Leesburg, FL

Foreclosure happens to a lot of homeowners in Florida. What many don’t know is that foreclosure is not the end of the line. You still have the option to sell your house, and you can do it with Particular Properties. We can buy your foreclosed house fast in Leesburg, FL.


Particular Properties Is Your Best Option

Normally, to sell your foreclosed home, you would need to go through a long process involving real estate agents and fees. With Particular Properties, you don’t have to worry about that. With us, the only thing you have to do is tell us about your house and the situation, and we will manage the rest. Our team of experts can get your home off your hands in just a couple of weeks.

We won’t make you pay for fees and closing costs that are associated with selling. We are not real estate agents, but investors and we buy your house ourselves. 

Also, you won’t have to waste time cleaning the house, repairing broken windows, or replacing the fence, etc. We will buy your home as it is, regardless of the state of the property or what fixes need to be made.

Our Customer’s Experience

If you want to understand what it’s like to work with us, you can read our customer’s reviews. Our customers know that we will help you and sell your house fast, because we did it for them.

“I have been working with Jessica and her team for years now and would recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house! They are professional, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about the Central Florida Market. You will not be disappointed you called.” -A. Ouellette

“She was never too busy to answer my calls and questions and she relentlessly stayed in contact with me with suggestions and very informative information.” -T. Zuccaro

If you are interested in selling your foreclosed house with us, contact us and tell us about your property. We will buy your home fast in Leesburg, FL, and you won’t pay fees or wait for a long time to complete the sale.