Here at Acquire Realty Group, we know that it can be challenging at times to find a business that you can trust to meet your needs — no matter what you need, whether you need a pipe fixed, someone to cut your grass, to detail your car, to help you sell or buy a house… We get it! We’ve been there too when we’ve hired someone and they didn’t do the job correctly or weren’t very helpful.

That’s why we created our trusted partners list! This is an array of local businesses, some local and some across the US, in an attempt for us to help you pick and choose the best companies in the industry they serve. We hope our list makes shopping for the service you need a bit easier!

Real Estate Companies Across The U.S.

  • Oklahoma Cash Home Buyer — A home buying company that buy houses in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and all over Oklahoma
  • Bogino Properties — Based in Marietta, they buy houses in the greater Atlanta Metro area.