Are Realtors Making You Lose Money?

For many years, selling houses through realtors has been the go-to method. What you might not know is that realtors may be losing you money without you even noticing. With modern advances, new money-saving alternatives to selling your house pop up. Let’s look at ways that your realtor is making you lose money, and solutions for this problem. 

Inspection Period Costs

Many times realtors make it seem like every minute repair is necessary to sell your house and appraise it. Still, many of those repairs don’t necessarily have to be made. This is one of the areas where you might lose money without noticing because you’re just doing what the realtor is suggesting, because you trust them.


 A lot of money in repairs could be saved by only making the repairs that are absolutely necessary for the sale, such as electrical, plumbing, or safety hazards. If no major repairs have to be made, but other fixings could be made, disclosing them should be enough. Re-inspection fees can also make you lose money if the realtor decides that you didn’t make the necessary repairs. 

Fees and Commissions 

Most people that are looking to buy a house usually go online to check it out and communicate with the seller. The websites where this is done are entirely free, and there is no need for showings. Commissions for realtors are usually about 6% that you have to pay. With the websites previously mentioned, you have everything you need, and you don’t need to pay the 6% realtor’s fee.


Aside from the amount of money you will have to pay the realtor in commissions, you have to assume the closing fees as well. 

Keep Your Money In Your Pockets With This Solution

What if there was another option where no fees or commissions needed to be paid? The good news is that there is.


Sell your house with homebuyers, at Particular Properties LLC, we buy houses for cash, take care of all fees, and we can close in as fast as 7 days. Our experts want to put money in your pockets, not take any money out of them. No repairs need to be made to your current house. We want to buy your home as-is. 



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